What is ShadowTech Students?

ShadowTech Students offers a unique experience to students to get a first-hand look at what a day in the life of a tech professional entails by spending a day in their workplace. 

Secondary school students are paired with a mentor who works in a local tech organisation. With their mentor, students are taken through a “day in the life of” experience that has them sitting in on meetings, witnessing the communication and interaction between peers, and seeing what a typical day is like in the IT Industry.

As an TechWomen’s initiative, the programme is largely aimed at high school aged women, however all students in years 9-13 in New Zealand high schools and kura can participate.

ShadowTech has joined TechHub and 123Tech as an integrated school outreach programme offered by the tech sector, a partnership between IT Professionals and NZTech. This integrated programme is delivered by IT Professionals.

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How does this differ from ShadowTech Teachers?

ShadowTech has been running since 2014 where the first ShadowTech day gave girls in years 9-11 the chance to shadow a tech professional for a day. 

In 2021, the ShadowTech Teachers programme was introduced to widen the impact of ShadowTech by offering a similar programme to secondary school teachers. ShadowTech Teachers will run 28 February – 4 March 2022.