2022 Programme

ShadowTech Teachers 2022 (March – August 2022) provided teachers and career advisors the opportunity to explore the tech sector and discover the reality of working in tech. 

Teachers from schools throughout New Zealand were invited to participate with a focus on schools with a high proportion of Pacific learners.

Through a hands-on half day of shadowing a tech professional in their work environment, teachers gained insight into the jobs that exist within the technology industry and armed them with real-life knowledge on how they can support students to pursue tech careers.

There was also a mentoring component to enable an on-going relationship between teachers and the tech professionals they shadowed.

The original plan was for teachers to have the workplace visit first, followed by the mentoring component. Due to COVID-19 the format of the programme changed slightly so teachers had at least two online mentoring sessions, followed by a workplace visit. Because some teachers were unable to attend a workplace visit, a webinar ‘Tech Career Perspectives’ was held to provide further insight into tech career pathways and the opportunity to meet new techies and explore resources.

ShadowTech Teachers is delivered by NZTech in conjunction with the Ministry of Education.

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