ShadowTech Day

ShadowTech Day provides girls in years 9-11 with an opportunity to experience what working in the tech sector is like, encouraging them onto education pathways that lead into tech sector roles.

Secondary school students are paired with a local tech organisation and taken through a “day in the life” experience that has them sitting in on meetings, witnessing the communication and interaction between peers, and seeing what a typical day is like in the tech industry. With women making up only 27 per cent of the IT workforce, starting from only 39 per cent taking NCEA technology at school (Digital Skills for our Digital Future Report), programmes like this help break down barriers and myths that girls have, that tech is boring and for boys.

Thank you to all of our sponsors for supporting ShadowTech Day 2023 and helping inspire girls into tech careers. Without your support we couldn’t make this important initiative happen.

If you are interested in sponsoring in 2024 please contact us.

2024 Locations and Dates coming soon!