Tech isn't just about computers.

2018 was our biggest year so far with 641 female students from 64 Schools across the country pairing up with over 300 mentors from 116 participating mentor organisations.

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Over 75% of students said they would be interested or really interested in pursuing a career in tech after attending ShadowTech 2018.

Student Feedback

It was a very fun and helpful day. I now have a better understanding of what the jobs in the tech field really look like.”

Student, Christchurch

I loved all the people/mentors I met. I learned that technology is a multifaceted topic/area where there’s a vast amount of different opportunities to take on.

Student, Auckland

I enjoyed that overall experience of the day because it’s great to know that not only men do tech things but so do women. I loved learning about the way they work and how they work as a team it gave me more encouragement of taking part in the technology department in the future.

Student, Palmerston North