For Business Mentors

Opportunity to influence the next generation of young women to pursue a career in technology.

Join ShadowTech as a business mentor and build valuable connections with the next generation of talent.



  • When registration opens, please complete the online form, registering your organisation and nominating how many mentors are participating for each regional ShadowTech event.

Once you’ve registered

  • We will add you to the mailing list to receive updates about ShadowTech.
  • If you need to make any changes to your registration then please contact us.
  • Once registrations have closed and the student-mentor matching process completed, we’ll email the person listed as your regional event contact with details of the students assigned to your organisation and further details about the day*.

* This will be a few days out from the event date so please ensure your availability for the dates you have selected.

What’s required of you on the day

  • We will email you details of the students and details for the day/s approximately two days before the event.
  • Meet your students at the tertiary partner’s venue and join the girls in listening to an inspirational speaker (exact agenda will differ across each event).
  • Transport the students back to your workplace.
  • Ensure any health and safety requirements are covered off.
  • This part of the day is up to you! Some of the activities you could undertake with your students include:
    • The vision and purpose of your organisation and the types of roles within IT.
    • A tour of your workplace.
    • Introductions to other areas of your organisation and how your role fits in the organisation chart.
    • Sitting in on client and team meetings.
    • Sales and marketing discussions.
    • Take the students to lunch. This is your opportunity to share any personal experiences with the students and their opportunity to ask questions.
  • Deliver the students back to the venue and sit in on de-briefing activities.
  • Complete a feedback survey.

*Please note that student details may change after this time – we will do our best to communicate any changes leading up to the day.


  • “To show students that there is a range of career options within the ICT sector and that their intangible skills of strong communication, ability to multi task and creativity are highly regarded in the industry.”
  • “To expose a technology company to students to help break down assumptions of technology companies, and show possibilities of a technology career.”
  • “We’re super keen to have more women in our workplace and what better way to help secure that by inviting young women inside our business for a day.”


  • “It was a great experience to have the future generation in our office for the day. They asked very insightful questions that got us all thinking, and brought a lot of energy into the office.”
  • “The highlight was seeing students eyes light up when something they dreamed of doing is shown to be an actual job.”
  • “It was really great to see the interest that the students had in learning about our organisation and the wider tech industry. We felt that they really engaged with the day”


We’re hoping to run ShadowTech in the later half of 2020.
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I enjoyed that overall experience of the day because it’s great to know that not only men do tech things but so do women. I loved learning about the way they work and how they work as a team it gave me more encouragement of taking part in the technology department in the future.”

2018 Student participant, Palmerston North

I really loved going to ShadowTech and the experience was amazing. I got to meet some amazing people that worked in the technology industry and hearing how they got to a career that they were passionate about. It was a really memorable day that was very beneficial to see what my career path could be.”

2018 Student participant, Auckland